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Cleantech Opportunities & Growth in a changing environment!
Grow How
  • SWOT 360 Degreed
  • SWOT analysis based on 20 critical success factors – capabilities for the company growth engine, many specific to the cleantech sector.

    The factors are 360o around the company, including capability to capture and adapt to market need, even influence legislation and taxes. The growth companies have a capability to attract partners, create alliances and utilize public support and funds, such as EU financing.
    STEP 2
    • Benchmark - Rank with Best Practice
    • The SWOT analysis in STEP 1 is matched and ranked with the performance of more than hundred peer companies and organizations that InDePro and partners have been collaborated with.
      STEP 3
      • Deploy Strategy – growth plan
      • Based on SWOT and Benchmark a set of goals and action plans are developed. InDePro and partners can assist in the execution phase and act as “Entrepreneur-On-Demand” or “Growth Agent”.

        A typical goal is to reach >10 % additional top-line growth within 1-3 years.
        InDePro is working with well proven Process Development Tools. Balanced Scorecard is useful for setting action plan and measurement. Lean methods and tools are used for process improvements and product development.

        Nimba Value Model is useful for market driven innovation. Miller-Heiman/Strategic Selling and SPIN is used for new customer generation.